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    Michael Lingner Art as a system within society There is no art that exists outside of public space, only the choice between different types of public forums, each involving its own conditions of communication. Many well-known artists, art critics and art historians are of the opinion that, since the early ... >>

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    Michael Lingner Verbal Art Communication Theoretical and Practical Models I like to thank the Director and the Theory Department of the Jan van Eyck Akademie and especially: Jo Frenken, Paul Domela Nieuwenhuis, Frans Vos, Frank van Helfteren and Jeanne Haunschild for their support in realizing this book. Meiner Mutter und meinem ... >>

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    Michael Lingner Reflections on / as Artists' Theories (In the context of the symposium Reflection on/as Artists' Theories) "That I could easily become a theoretical artist... it wouldn't matter." P.O.Runge That artists' theories could develop in modernism is mainly attributable to the fact that, after the French Revolution ... >>

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    Christiane Wehr Die Vereinbarkeit von Universalität und Partikularität bei der Verwirklichung von Menschenrechten Inhaltsübersicht 1 Der Geltungsumfang der Menschenrechte 1 1.1 Einleitung: Die Menschenrechtsidee und menschenrechtliche Geltungsansprüche – eine Übersicht der normativen und empirischen Debatten 1 1.1.1 Absicht und These 7 1.1.2 Aufbau der Arbeit 8 1 ... >>

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    Michael Lingner One of the many positive aspects of Clegg & Guttmann's "Open Public Library" projects is that the public can participate in them uninhibited by any art-related requirements. The motivation to become involved is not based on some special "artistic will"; rather, the widespread need to have books without ... >>

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    Michael Lingner Main Aspects of the Concept of Nature in Modern art If I were not convinced that today, for widely differing reasons, it is especially interesting to discuss the aesthetics of nature, I would not have accepted the invitation to write this essay. The crucial question for me is not ... >>

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    Michael Lingner The question in the title concerns the productive function of philosophical and aesthetic thinking within the practice of art and clearly corresponds to the special interest that all art academies have in theory, that is, if they are concerned with it at all. It is certainly not in all ... >>

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    9. MEDJUNARODNI KONGRES ZA ESTETIKU 1980. Akti 9. Medjunarodnog kongresa za estetiku Section papers, Plenary sessions papers PHYSIS-TECHNE-POIESIS ABSTRACTS The Creativity and the Human World Stvaralaštvo i Ijudski svet Editor: Milan Damnjanovic vol. I sveska I TABLE DES MATIERES AFASIJEV, M.N.: LE PROBLÈME DES BESOINS ESTHETIQUES DE ... >>

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    The Pruszkow Rhizome BOX; 1997,32 cm x 53 cm x 53 cm, MDF, oak, Plexiglas, cardboard Mario Ohno: Idea Michael Lingner: Set of dishes (conception/realization) Sven Temper: Box (conception/realization) ARTISTIC QUALITY IS DEPENDENT ON THE QUALITY OF THE COMMUNICATION The "Pruszkow Rhizome" / Private Set (Gk. "rhizoma" = take root ... >>

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    Invocation of our Ideas on Works Replies by Franz Erhard Walther from a conversation about his new works with Michael Lingner Questions by Michael Lingner to answers by Franz Erhard Walther Do we still know what a work is, and can we still believe that aesthetic conditions are inherent in certain ... >>

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