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Issues in Contemporary Culture and Aesthetics

A publication by the Department of Theory, Jan van Eyck Akademie

Issues no.8 in contemporary culture and aesthetics

Theory paper October 1998

page 5 How Can Aesthetic Reflection Be Productive within Artistic Practice?

Michael Lingner

page 13 (On)Symbolic Matters.

Heinz Paetzold

A System of Reference.

Nadežda Čačinovič

page 27/30 The Event-Object as Contemporary Art Form.

Paul Crowther

page 37 Transforming Art and Philosophy.

Richard Shusterman

page 43 The Relevance of Levinas' Philosophy f or Philosophy of Art and Ethics.

Jacques De Visscher

page 53 Talking Jazz: Music versus Theory.

Roger Behrens

page 61

Considering: Bodily Encounters in the Dynamic Field of Language. A Context.

Valentijn Visch

Issues no. 5 in contemporary culture and aesthetics

Theory paper April 1997

page 5 How to Bridge the Gap Between the Philosophy of Art and the Aesthetics of Nature: A Systematic Approach.

Heinz Paetzold

page 17 On Music in Nature and Nature in Music.

Roger Behrens

page 27 On Landscape.

Birgit Halgmann

page 37 Aesthetic Knowledge of Nature.

Gernot Böhme

page 47 Do We Live in One or Several Worlds?

Nadežda Čačinovič

page 51 Imagining Flowers: Perceptual Mimesis (Particularly Delphinium).

Elaine Scarry

page 73 Consolation of nature: An Essay in Critique of Formative Reason.

Ken-ichi Sasaki

page 85 Main Aspects of the Concept of Nature in Modern art.

Michael Lingner

Issues no. 4 in contemporary culture and aesthetics

Theory paper September 1996

Socio-cultural reflections on the 'pure gaze': Bourdieu and beyond.

Heinz Paetzold page 5

Practical picture description. On pictures within pictures, with particular reference to van Eyck and Mantegna.

Wolfgang Kemp page 17

Metaphor and Mnemosyne. The Concrete History of Vision.

Roger Behrens page 37

The anthropological gaze: photography and anthropology in the nineteenth century.

Pirko Siitari page 55

Concerning Lévi-Strauss' ideas on a structuralist theory of art.

Marie-Thérèse van de Kamp page 65

Mute thought: An account of my encounter with the French philosopher Maurice Merleau Ponty.

Riek Sijbring page 73

Inside the picture.

Nadežda Čačinovič page 81

Vision and television

Karlheinz Lüdeking page 85

Issues no. 3 in contemporary culture and aesthetics

Theory paper April 1996

"Wisdorm Surmounts Might".

Kai Kresse: An interview with Henry Odera Oruka page 5

Philosophy Must be Made Sagacious. Western Philosophy and Other Cultures.

Heinz Kimmerle page 15

The Power of Poison.

Sybrandt van Keulen page 27

Perspectives of an Intercultural Philosophy of Culture with Reference to Said's 'Orientalism' and Watsuji's 'Fudo'.

Heinz Paetzold page 47

Aesthetic Life in the Anti-Urban Culture of Japan.

Ken-ichi Sasaki page 59

The Syncretic Turn.

Jean Fisher page 65

Deconstructed Europe: On multiculturalism and cosmopolitanism.

Nadežda Čačinovič page 75

The Power of Creativity.

Anke Haarmann page 83

Issues no.2 in contemporary culture and aesthetics

Theory paper October 1995

Fashion: A Politics against Politics.

Barbara Vinken page 5

Politics of the Art of Living with Reference to Michel Foucault.

Wilhem Schmid page 15

Oh, friends, there is no friend...' The Praxis of Friendship as a Difficult Art of (Social) Living.

Harald Lemke page 23

The Rest is Utopian Fiction: Art as Showing of Information, against Pure Information in Acceleration.

Burghart Schmidt page 37

The Politics of Strolling. W.Benjamin's Flâneur and After.

Heinz Paetzold page 41

Welcome to the Machine. The Instrument, the Technique, and the Utopia in Music.

Roger Behrens page 51

More Than Meets the Eye.

Nadežda Čačinovič-Puhovski page 65

Issues no. 1 in contemporary culture and aesthetics

Theory paper April 1995

The smallest deviation. The minimum excess.

Knut harald Åsdam page 5

Normativity and descriptivity in aesthetics and the avantgarde.

Bohdan Dziemidok page 15

The avantgarde and the retrogarde

Alés Erjavec page 21

Art and technology and the perspective of an aesthetics of nature.

Heinz Paetzold page 29

Nature in the age of it's technical reproducibility.

Gernot Böhme page 37

And next t o nature. Art

Nadežda Čačinovič-Puhovski page 49

Deflection-on art and technology.

Sybrandt van Keulen page 57

Art as pure reason and pure reason as a false concept of rationality in the philosophy of Merleau-Ponty.

Benoît Hermans page75

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