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Art Review

Dez/Jan 03



8 LETTERS The final instalment of the great print debate - we promise. Plus, a vote of confidence from a student surfer who's logged on to art-review.com, and ditties from Nottingham poets Lord and Lady Biro.

10 WETPAINT Serota in fisticuffs, and other artworld gossip.

13 ARTNEWS Soane gets a nip and tuck, Tate takes a share in Viola, Jasper Joffe sends out invites and the Berlin Guggenheim turns five.

18 ARTMARKET Waterlilies change hands, and sculpture stays firm.

25 CRITIC'S DIARY Roving reporter Edward Lucie-Smith checks in.

28 ARTPHOTO Francis Hodgson marvels at the work of Calum Colvin.

36 FILM lan White's bi-monthly column on the moving image.

37 ARTNEXT Brad Kahlhamer at Modern Art, Adam Chodzko at Cubitt, Duane Hanson in Edinburgh and Thomas Hirschhorn in New York.


42 IN THE PALM OF HIS HAND Meredith Etherington-Smith Charts the rise of Charles Saatchi, elected to the top Spot in ArtRevieWs Power 100.

48 THE RIGHT TO OFFEND As lawyer Anthony Julius publishes a new book on transgressive art, Joe La Placa explores the shock factor.

54 CHANGING ROOMS Is this the end of the white cube? Robert Bevan and David D'Arcy report on artists and architects joining forces.

68 TAKE ME, I'M YOURS Francesca Gavin and contemporary artists explore the art of Shopping, and we select 50 works for under £1,000.

86 FUNHOUSE OF THE FUTURE Newly discovered photographs of the extraordinary pavilion created by Dali for the 1939 World's Fair.

94 SHELF LIFE ArtReview`s pick of the best new books, from glossy coffee-table tomes to low-budget artists' editions.


64 URS FISCHER Pablo Lafuente meets the young sculptor whose work is cheap to make, but rich in ideas and allusions.

66 CONRAD SHAWCROSS Sophie Leris finds it's not easy to unravel the meaning from this artist's complex structures.

104 A ROOM WITH A VIEW Tim Dickson has filled his terraced house in Sheffield with work by a few old friends - who just happen to include Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin. As his collection goes on display at Sheffields Graves Art Gallery, he tells Sophie Leris how he did it.


110 ARTSTYLE Forked wallpaper and an upside-down tree print are among Jadwiga Gromadzka's choices in this month's Virtual room.

116 ARTOBJECT Challenging the boundaries between looking, using and wearing. This month; a cow apron, a pygmy hat and a doggy bag.

120 ARTREVIEWS Mamma Andersson at Stephen Friedman Gallery, Mat Collishaw at Cosmic, Paris, and Andres Serrano at Gimpel Fils.

136 ARTOUT Dafydd Jones's party pics: the new Haunch of Venison, David LaChapelle at the Barbican, and ArtReview in London and Paris.

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