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XIth International Congress in Aesthetics Nottingham 1988


A Selection edited by Richard Woodfield


Kantian and phenonological traditions in psychological aesthetics: Christian Allesch, Austria 1

Music and the Emotions: F.M.Berenson, UK 6

Tragic action and aesthetic contemplation: K.Boullart, Belgium 10

Le Temps est-il un critere de l'Art: George Bozonis, Greece 13

Stories of Sublimely Good Character: Donald Callen, USA 15

Aesthetic Reasons: William Charlton, UK 18

La réhabilitation de l´allégorie: baroque et modernité: Raymond Court, France 22

The Existential Sublime: From Burke's Aesthetics to the Socio-Political Paul Crowther, UK 26

Nietzsche: Art and Existence J.R.N. Davey, UK 32

Art and Meaning: TJ. Diffey, UK 38

The Social Status of Art. Why the Institutional Approach is not Sufficient: Bohdan Dziemidok, Poland 42

How to Recognise Metaphors in Literature: Raili Elovaara, Finland 45

Tradition, Innovation, Kunstrezeption und Kunstwirkung — zu einigen Problemen: John Erhard,

German Democratic Republic 50

Postmoderism and Critical Theory: Ales Erjavec, Yugoslavia 55

Tradition and Convolution — Settings of Aesthetic Phenomena in the Third World : Jale Erzen, Turkey 59

Appreciation and Justification: Susan L. Feagin, USA 62

Aesthetic Experience: Where Did We Go Wrong? John Fisher, USA 66

The New Anti-Aestheticism: Maria Golaszewska, Poland 70

Glenn Gould: La technologie au Service d'une nouvelle définition de la musique: Ghyslaine Guertin, Canada 74

Tradition, influence and innovation: Goran Hermeren, Sweden 78

Try the Image — Temporality and Fullness in Aesthetic Experience: Jose Jimenez, Spain 83

Art of the Untruth? On Post Modern Visual Art : Ruud Kaulingfreks, The Netherlands 87

Structure of Methodology of an Aesthetic Theorem: New and Traditional in their Interrelations: Dmitry Khanin, USSR 90

The Profundity of Music: Peter Kivy, USA 94

"Aufbruch oder Schwanengesang"? Norbert Krenzlin, GDR 99

Tradition as Innovation: Alicja Kuczynska, Poland 102

L'image de l'homme dans la théorie kantienne du génie: Antonia Labrada, Spain 106

Make-Believe, Ontology and Point of View: Peter Lamarque, Scotland 109

Le Retour À La Figuration En Art Actuel: Tradition Et Innovation: Monique Langlois, Canada 112

Methodische Aspekte des Kunstwissenschaftlichen Umgangs mit moderner Kunst: Michael Lingner, West Germany 116

The Concept of Fine Art: A Critique C. Lord, USA 120

Does Analytic Aesthetics Rest on a Mistake? K. Ludeking, FDR 123

Television and the Aesthetics of Everyday Life: Anthony Lukacs, Hungary 128

Dance is a Performing Art : Graham McFee, UK 131

Distance, Disinterest, and Autonomy: Gardens as a Challenge to the Theory of Art: Mara Miller, USA 136

The Art of Forgetfulness, Schopenhauer and contemporary repetitive music: Jos de Mul, The Netherlands 143

The cultural dynamics of philosophical Aesthetics. From the Aesthetics of German Idealism to the

Aesthetics of Postmodernity: Heinz Paetzold, West Germany 147

My Poetic World Versus the Real, Scientific World: Alan Paskow, USA 151

Experiencing Art: Jenefer Robinson, USA 156

Innovation and Tradition in Post-Modernism Margaret A. Rose, Australia 161

La"présence"de l'acteurau thèâtre: Maryvonne Saison, France 165

Communication esthetique comme bonheur. Une tradition non transmise: Ken-ichi Sasaki, Japan 168

Truth, understanding and the artist's Vision: Anthony Savile, England 172

Aesthetic Experience and Culture: Roger Scruton, England 176

Anti-Art and Anti-Criticism — The Killers of Art or its Rescuers? Yrö Sepänmaa, Finland 180

Dialogism in the Novel and Bakhtin's Theory of Culture1 Maria Shevtsova, Australia 184

Analytic and Pragmatist Aesthetics: Richard Shusterman, USA 190

Erweitert sich der Gegenstand der Zeitgenössischen Ästhetik? Stanka Simeonova, Bulgaria . 195

Ingarden et la musique. Actualité de la pensée musicale de Roman Ingarden: Dujka Smoje, Canada 198

The Avant Garde, Institutional and Critical Theories of Art: Dr. JJ. Snyman, South Africa 203

Are There Aesthetic Qualities? James Somerville, England 207

Imitation and Art: Göran Sörbom, Sweden 212

T.E.Wilkerson on Originality in Art and Morals Arnold Spector, England 216

Le kitsch en tant que valeur communicative: Ivan Stéphanov, Bulgaria 219

Tradition' et 'Innovation ' dans la musique : Le point de vue Japonais face à la conception occidentale

Akira Tamba, Japan 221

Illocutionary Pretence Inside and Outside Fiction: S.L. Tsohatzidis, Greece 225

Beautiful Things and the Aesthetic Subject: Albert van der Schoot, The Netherlands 227

The Limits and Possibilities of Fashion in Painting: EJ.Winters, England 230

Two Dogmas ofKantian Aesthetics: Nick Zangwill, England 233

Roland Barthes et Umberto Eco à la Recherche du Roman Postmoderne: Ivahilo Znepolsky, Bulgaria 239

Normative Aesthetics and Contemporary Art: Bürger's Critique of Adorno: L. Zuidervaart, USA 242

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