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Jan van Eyck Akademie Editions

editor Jan vanToorn

design beyond design

critical reflection and the practice of visual communication


preface, Marianne Brouwer 7

introduction, Jan van Toorn 9

marginality as site of resistance, Els Kuijpers 14

images of a global Shopping mall: conversations between Alice and the March Hare, Cees Hamelink 21

utopia of possibilities on 'images of a global Shopping mall', Gérard Paris-Clavel 32

the role of the intellectual in postmodern culture, Heinz Paetzold 35

on 'the role of the intellectual in postmodern culture', Andrew Blauveit 48

whatispoliticalart?, Susan Buck-Morss 53

the audience and political art on 'what is political art?, Teal Triggs 67

beyond technology, Jörg Petruschat 73

some thoughts on 'beyond technology', Max Bruinsma 82

discussion, friday 7 november 87

everything is possible, Gérard Paris-Clavel 97

some virtues of design, Gui Bonsiepe 105

on 'some virtues of design', Rick Poynor 111

Sheila Levrant de Bretteville 115

on Sheila Levrant de Bretteville, Dawn Barrett 128

the museum of the ordinary, Michael Rock/Susan Seilers 133

everything is design is nothing on 'the paradox of the museum of the ordinary', Carel Kuitenbrouwer 148

communication design: a social practice, Jan van Toorn 153

on 'communication design: a social practice', Alex Jordan 168

discussion, saturday 8 november 171

acknowledgements 185

contributors 186

index of names 188

photocredits 189

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