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City Life

Essays on Urban Culture

Jan van Eyck Akademie

editor Heinz Paetzold


5 Jan van Toorn: Preface

8 Heinz Paetzold: Introduction: In Search of a Cultural Theory of Urban Life

15 Heinz Paetzold: The Philosophical Notion of the City

39 Nadežda Čačinovič: The Case of Zagreb

44 Slavenka Drakulić: A Premeditated Murder

53 Ken-ichi Sasaki: For Whom is City Design?Tactility vs. Visuality

71 Hiroshi Yoshioka: Where the Streets Have No Names: Japanese City and Its Future

77 Richard M. Shusterman: Pragmatist Aesthetics and the Uses of Urban Absence

90 Anke Haarmann: In the Context of Aesthetic Experiences: A Commentary on Richard Shusterman

97 Susan Buck-Morss: The City as Dreamworld and Catastrophe

116 Roger Behrens: Some Observations in the Backyards of Late-Capitalism: Footnotes to Susan Buck-Morss

122 Kwasi Wiredu: The City and African Thought

129 Kai Kresse: A Comment on Kwasi Wiredu, 'The City and African Thought'

136 Hartmut Häußermann: The City and Urban Sociology. Urban Ways of Living and the Integration of the Stranger

147 Michael Müller and Franz Droge: Museumification and Mediation: Two Strategies for Urban Aestheticisation

164 Roemer van Toorn: 'Sir, your coat is ringing'

170 Index of names

172 Picturecredits

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