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Heinz Paetzold

The Discourse of the Postmodern and the Discourse of the Avant-Garde

A Series of ten Lectures concerning the Link between Social Philosophy and Aesthetics under the Conditions of Postmodernity


Lecture 1

Habermas and Modernity, 5

Lecture 2

Lyotard's Definition of the Postmodern Status of Knowledge, 14

Lecture 3

The Notion of the Sublime in Contemporary Philosophy of Art, 21

Lecture 4

(Post)Modernity and Pragmatism.

Rorty's Pragmatism and the Postmodern, 27

Lecture 5

Some Features of the Postmodern:

Jencks' Double-Code, Jameson's Pastiche and Textuality, 31

Lecture 6

Gianni Vattimo and the 'Weak Being', 38

Lecture 7

Peter Bürger's Theory of the Avant-Garde, 49

Lecture 8

Kristeva's View on Avant-Garde in Literature, and her Theorizing

of Feminism, 58

Lecture 9

Feminism and the Postmodern.

Luce Irigaray's Contribution to Feminism Today, 70

Lecture 10

Rethinking Avant-Garde.

The Unthought between Lyotard and Bürger, 82

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