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Michelson, Annette; Krauss, Rosalind; Crimp, Douglas; Copjec, Joan (Hg.)


The First Decade, 1976-1986


Acknowledgments vii

Introduction ix

The Index

Rosalind Krauss: Notes on the Index: Seventies Art in America 2

Nadar: My Life as a Photographer 16

GEORGES Didi-Huberman: The Index of the Absent Wound (Monograph on a Stain) 39

ROGER CAILLOIS: Mimicry and Legendary Psychasthenia 58

Historical Materialism

Benjamin H. D. Buchloh: From Faktura to Factography 76

SERGEI EISENSTEIN: Notes for a Film of Capital 114

Maria-Antonietta Macciocchi: Pasolini: Murder of a Dissident 139

ROSALYN DEUTSCHE: The Fine Art of Gentrification 151

CARA GENDEL RYAN: Critique of Institutions

Yve-Alain BOIS, Douglas Crimp, ROSALIND KRAUSS: A Conversation with Hans Haacke 175

Daniel BUREN: The Function of the Studio 201

LOUISE Lawler: Arrangements of Pictures 209

Douglas Crimp: The Art of Exhibition 223

Christopher PHILLIPS: The Judgment Seat of Photography 257

vi Psychoanalysis

JOAN Copjec: Flavit et Dissipati Sunt 296

HOMI Bhabha: Of Mimicry and Man: The Ambivalence of Colonial Discourse 317

MARY ANN Doane: Woman's Stake: Filming the Female Body 326


Yve-Alain BOIS: A Picturesque Stroll around Clara-Clara 342

JOEL Fineman: The Structure of Allegorical Desire 373

The Body

BABETTE MANGOLTE: A Portfolio of Photographs of Trisha Brown's Work 394

Peter Handke: Blue Poem for B. 407

ANNETTE MICHELSON: On the Eve of the Future: The Reasonable Facsimile and the Philosophical Toy 416

GEORGES Bataille: Extinct America 437

HOLLIS Frampton: Erotic Predicaments for Camera 445

ROBERT MORRIS: Fragments from the Rodin Museum 451

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