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A special issue guest-edited by Anna Harding based on a Goldsmiths/ICA Conference



3 Katharina Lenz & Wolfgang Zinggl: Concrete and effective Intervention

10 Helen O'Donoghue: Blurring the boundaries

16 Jeanne van Heeswijk: Art object versus art objective

23 Hervé Paraponaris: After justice: Extracts about art and its power in relation to institutions

28 Lisette Smits: Real experiments and uncontrolled effects

34 David Goldenberg: Temporary structures

37 Anna Harding: Panel discussion from ICA Symposium on after-gallery practices Reviews

43 Barnaby Drabble: In search of real life and miracles: ROSS Sinclair and Anna Best

46 Kate Fowle: to be continued> a programme of art projects in Walsall

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